We Welcome HSA Medical Cards!

We Welcome HSA Medical Cards!

Too Busy to Go to the Doctor's Office?

Limitless Aesthetics and Healthcare now offers an online medical consultation service in El Paso, TX

Do you find yourself putting off going to the doctor because you never have the time? You can go to the doctor on your own terms with Limitless Aesthetics and Healthcare's online medical consultation app. Online medical services allow El Paso, TX individuals to see the doctor without leaving their homes.

Instead, you can download our app, Push Health. Use it to take care of your health without shifting your schedule. Push Health lets you refill prescriptions, discuss symptoms and access a variety of other services without leaving your couch.

Wondering if online medical is right for you? Contact us at 915-496-3442 to learn more about online medical services and the Push Health app.

How does Push Health work?

Limitless Aesthetics and Healthcare now offers online medical in El Paso, TX. You can schedule an online medical consultation by downloading the Push Health app on your cell phone.

Confused or unsure of how to use the app to schedule an online medical consultation? All you need to do is follow the 4 steps below:

  1. Download the Push Health app in the App Store
  2. Locate Luis Carlos Cordova FNP-C and complete your online medical profile
  3. Luis Carlos Cordova FNP-C will give you a call and conduct a consultation
  4. Your prescription will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice

It's as simple as that, but we understand the confusion that can come with trying to operate the app. Call us today to receive assistance with online medical and the Push Health app.