Professional skin care treatments in the El Paso, Texas area

Over-the-counter treatments and home remedies can help reduce acne, discoloration and signs of aging such as wrinkles, but medical-grade treatments are the best way to achieve the results you seek. Call Limitless Aesthetics and Healthcare located in Santa Teresa, NM and serving the El Paso, Texas region today to schedule a consultation with a medical provider to discover the innovative skin treatments that are right for you. The cost of your initial consultation is applied toward your first treatment, so call (915) 496-3442 today for:

Acne treatment
Acne scar remodeling
• Skin tightening/lifting
Wrinkle reduction/removal
• Cellulite elimination
• PRP treatments
• Mesotherapy
Stretch mark removal
Blemish/discoloration treatment

Restore the natural beauty of your skin with treatments designed to improve smoothness, pore size, and overall health. Book your appointment today to discover the facial treatments that are best for your skin.

Fight back against lower back pain, tendinitis and other debilitating causes of pain with prolotherapy. This innovative pain management treatment counters pain at the source, unlike medications which affect the entire body.

Target and destroy fat cells with mesotherapy provided by Limitless Aesthetics and Healthcare. This effective weight loss procedure enables clients to lose weight in specific areas and eliminate cellulite.

Live a beautiful life with a little help from Limitless Aesthetics and Healthcare. Appointments are available now at our brand new office. Call (915) 496-3442 to schedule a consultation with a medical professional in Santa Teresa, NM.

Many treatments available to bring out the masterpiece in you

Speak with a professional in the El Paso, TX area, today

Your skin is unique, so how you treat and condition your skin should be unique, as well. Limitless Aesthetics and Healthcare provides a variety of skin treatment procedures to remedy many skin maladies. Call today to learn more about our available skin treatments in Santa Teresa, NM including chemical applications, LED light treatments and injections such as Botox.

Feel as good as you look with pain management treatments

Target specific areas of pain with prolotherapy in Santa Teresa, NM

If you are suffering from pain, you have likely been prescribed opiates or other medications to mask the pain. While these forms of treatment help block the pain, they also affect the entire body. Prolotherapy treats pain at the source, providing instant pain relief and long-lasting results. For more information about this innovative pain treatment procedure and to schedule a consultation regarding pain management in the El Paso, Texas region, call (915) 496-3442 today.

Destroy fat cells with mesotherapy treatments

Medical weight loss in Santa Teresa, NM

A nutritious diet and regular exercise are great for staying healthy, but they can only do so much to effectively eliminate cellulite and fat. With mesotherapy, you can target and treat specific areas to tone and shape your body in ways that diet and exercise cannot. Call (915) 496-3442 today to speak with a licensed professional about this non-invasive, innovative medical weight loss procedure near El Paso, Texas.